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2ºD ESO Descriptions

My students' descriptions

He is very tall,wears glasses,is very intelligent,has brown eyes and short black hair.
He is good people.


She´s a person that wear glasses and she is a smoker, she loves the seaside and smell wondrful, she loves to talk and she loves languages, her hair is blond and she always have a smile in her face, is of medium heigth and not too fat.


She is 14. She isn't very tall.She has got glasses.She is slim and has long,straight and blond hair. Her eyes are blue. She is beatiful and she is intelligent.

H is tall and he is of average build,he isn’t fat . He has got short,wavy brown hair.He takes glasses and he has got fleckles.He hasn’t got a beard,and he has got a square face.
His eyes are brown,and he is nice.

She is medium- height. She is medium- weight. She has straight, blond and long hair. She has light brown eyes she wears glasses. She’s 14 years old. She lives in Santander. Her nationality is Spanish she speaks Spanish and Russian.
Date: Friday 19th November 2010


He´s a boy.He has got short and brown hair.
He is medium-height. Hasn't got glasses.
Has got 13 years old.Hasn't got blue eyes.
He is medium-build. He lives in Santander.Her Nationality is Spanish.He is a funny person and he is an only child.


My secret classmate

Is a girl. She’s 13 years old, her birthday is in September. She's from Spain,

has got long and dark hair, and is not very tall, has got brown eyes and the skin white.

Has got one brother he going to daycare.

Her favourites hobbies are going to the cinema, listening to music and the most important she loves dancing!!.

She likes the English is her favourite subject, and hates the Geography and doesn't like the football.

Her favourite movie is Paranormal Activity and the favourite song is Nota'Yes I can'Nota

because the singer is Christian Beadles and she loves him.

And her dream is go to live in the USA.


She is a medium-height girl.Your name begin with A and his name has only three letters.She has got fair curly hair. She live in Santander.She ia a only child.She´s 14.She isn´t fat.


He is a boy that  goes to high school. He is medium weight and medium height. He has got brown and short hair an his eyes are brown. He is a funny ☻ person and he is a only child. His birthday is on 6th December. He likes playing computer and he is going to buy ''World of WarCraft'' for play with me and with Javier Fernandez. He has got a cousin that he goes at the same high school.

◘Who is he? ◘


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